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VOTE for the Second Annual Silver Cines!!!


After long hard hours and lots of debates, we have finally put up our Second Annual Silver Cine Awards. See images and listen to music clips to help you decide, if you aren't familiar with some of the nominations in the categories. And, while we would love for everyone to vote for everything, we know you can only really vote for what you know and/or love! So don't feel ashamed. Sometimes that one vote actually does make a difference!

So spread the word, forward our message, tell a friend who can tell a friend or friends. . .Even if you don't want to vote, sometimes those friends might or know someone who might. Get our name out there by passing this on!

Go either to or to the direct article on the awards and VOTE!!!

Happy Voting!

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Book & Movie Club

The Picture Show Pundits is trying to create an enjoyable community for people to come together and discuss all things cultural. We have telvision, gaming, and film forum groups. We also have a monthly book club and a monthly movie club. We've love for people to join us! 

For more information, please check out our

April's Movie - The US vs. John Lennong
April's Book - the curious incident of the dog in the night-time
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Looking for Film Critics!

The Picture Show Pundits is a relatively new film review website. We are looking for writers to help fill out our staff, which will allow us to offer readers a wide variety of reviews. There are no restrictions as to what you can write reviews for. If you can review the newest theatre movie this weekend or six months later on DVD, it does not matter. If you're interested in reviewing only certain genre films, we're okay with that as well.
Our benefits are still a bit limited, but we do offer advanced screening passes (location based), film festival access, and site bonuses (t-shirts, dvds, stickers, etc).
If you're interested in learning more about us, please make sure you check out our site and our About Us page. Then submit an application or hang out in our forum!
Thank you and Good Luck!
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Picture Show Pundits Episode 22 Part 2

Picture Show Pundits Episode 22 Part 2

Mac and Monkey have ventured off to Durham, North Carolina to attend the 9th Annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. This is Part 2 of their 6 Part series on the Festival. 

Cast: Sarah "Reel Monkey" Bonilla & Ray "Macabre Stalker" Bonilla 

Events: Meet the Press Breakfast, Press Conference with Sydney Pollack

Movie Reviews:
Turn Out the Light, EXIT, The Angelmakers, The Photographer, His Wife, Her Lover, Iraq in Fragments